Corporate & Business Law

Launching a new business? Being an entrepreneur is exciting, but full of challenges at every step. Creating a LLC, corporation, or other business entity has advantages and disadvantages.

We can help guide you to the type of business entity that is best for your situation and handle the formation of the business.

As your business grows and thrives, you will no doubt encounter many complex situations and challenges. We can help guide you through complex situations by negotiating and drafting agreements. Furthermore, if litigation becomes necessary due to a business dispute, we will be prepared to move forward with your matter. If you are ending your business, we can represent you through any merger, sale, or closing process. From initial planning and launch, through growth and expansion, and all the way to disposition or sale, we will be ready with the legal advice that you need.

Corporate & Business Law Areas of Service

Business Formation
Corporate Minutes
Biennial Reports


As things change... let us help you move through your phases of life.

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